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A course by Jorge Lazo specialist in Psychiatry and Psychology



This is one of the most important needs in today's world. Being able to help children to be adaptive, have a winning mentality and provide them with values, turns out to be fundamental. In this exhibition, we point out the 3 paths that parents must follow to turn their children into valuable beings. First, the path of permanent preparation to be good parents is developed: cognitive preparation, intelligent and directed to the well-being of our children. The second way emphasizes the personality of the parents. Such personality is decisive in the model of the children. Children learn from what they see in their parents and what is most noticeable is always the personality of the parents. The third way refers to the understanding of life itself. This would allow you not only to educate, but to efficiently guide your children. It is called philosophy of life and it is the way we face our existential experience. The sum of preparing, reviewing their personality and assuming their philosophy of life must lead to a management to be good parents.


This course is aimed at parents who seek guidance to be an example to follow for their children.

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A course by Jorge Lazo specialist in Psiquiatría y Psicología

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