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A course by Raquel Han specialist in Administration, Marketing and Customer Service



Recognize alternatives to develop advantages over the competition, serving customers with excellence.
The objective of the course is to help participants to apply valuable proposals that allow attracting and retaining customers thanks to the quality of service, promoting a culture of service in the company and building customer loyalty from the perspective that both the company and your customers win simultaneously. Through the sessions, the participant will develop a new vision of the service, in which there is a greater appreciation of the person who offers the service, and a greater empathy towards the client, teaching techniques and strategies and loyalty programs that favor a relationship harmonious and respectful between the supplier and its client and thus achieve a position in the market or reinforce the position already gained.
The customer sometimes does not need a new product, but a hug, as he deploys in his book "Hug Your Customers" by Jonk Mitchel, or easy access or a professional and friendly response from the supplier. What is there to do? It is a challenge, since building and consolidating a culture of exceptional services is achieved with the participation and commitment of all. Become a competitive advantage for your company. Develop your communication, social and human skills so that you can create empathy with your customers and not only sell to people, sell to the mind.


Necesidades del Cliente
Servicio al Cliente
Reglas de Oro
Calidad en el Servicio
Cultura de Servicio
El Personal
Servicio Extraordinario al Cliente

This course is aimed at students, professionals and companies who wish to apply valuable proposals that allow them to attract and retain customers thanks to the quality of the service.

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A course by Raquel Han specialist in Administración, Marketing y Servicio al Cliente

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